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Top 3 Small Business Services for Customer Service

Your customer is the most important person in your business, without them, your

business can not survive. The customer experience during any interaction with your company, more specifically the level satisfaction you provide within that interaction matters a great deal to your long-term success. Practicing good customer service can mean, the more happy customers you have, the more customers you receive, thanks to the power of word of mouth or today's more prevalent review based culture.

In the beginning, entrepreneurs may find that they are able to cater to their customers, as they take advantage of the initial low volume of customer requests. However, once your business starts to expand, you may need small business services for customer service to maintain the high quality of your customer care. These services help with significant number of processes in your day to day customer dealings. Here, we will consider the top 3 small

business services for customer success in the following order:

Undoubtedly, Zendesk excels in comparison to most other small business services when it comes to customer relation management tools. Some even go so far as to crown it as king in this market space, it has many fans. Entrepreneurs often use Zendesk to manage both the complaints and service requests from their customers, this level of effective customer support management leaves an excellent impression of your business in the minds of clients. Efficient use can increase your customer response time quite significantly. Additionally, you have the option of providing live chat support as well.

The software comes with a complete guide that provides a user-friendly walk through the different software characteristics. This creates a nice low learning curve for the small business owner. Zendesk also ensures the automation of most it's processes, meaning a significant amount of burden reduction can be achieved for the benefit of the entrepreneur and more work can be handled by fewer staff as the business grows. Simply put, the interface is interactive and easy to handle.

Most of your customers may already be familiar with Zendesk a CRM software, increasing the visibility of the solution you provide and offering excellent value for money. Ultimately, the entrepreneur experiences optimum efficiency and ample time to focus on other aspects of their business.

Freshdesk should definitely be on your list for consideration, if you want to offer a comprehensive service to your customers. The platform has a purpose-suited dashboard, which links and presents all your conversations and conversational metrics on a single screen. This means, you know what disputes need resolution and the type of complaint as soon as you log-in. This aspect leads to high customer response rate, something that many small business services compete to achieve.

Additionally, Freshdesk gives you ample client control over their issues. It offers a complete and dedicated client facing portal as well, your clients can check your knowledge base and use the self-service portal to find solution. It provides a community feature where different clients can openly interact to discuss various issues. The best feature however, is that your clients can get these client-facing services in any of the 26 distinct dialects supported by Freshdesk. This feature gives a high competitive advantage to Freshdesk in the eyes of most entrepreneurs. Lastly, you have the option of setting up a call center or live chat system using this platform. Reporting of issues and providing ticket support are also major features of Freshdesk.

An empowered customer is a happy customer. This idea drives the service provided by

HelpJuice, the software ensures that your customers have the ability to solve most of their problems themselves. As an entrepreneur, this aspect reduces your burden significantly. Additionally, it improves your response rate as most customers receive solution in real time and you can also assign your team to help manually with more complex queries.

Small business services require analytics as a key feature, here, this software excels over others. It offers detailed metrics about most data related to your work and provides you with multiple internal settings to customize these analytics. Depending on your budget, you may opt for the higher package for access to more advanced analytics.

The design of the software is both entrepreneur and end-user friendly. Plus, you always have access to their live support team for help with any major issues.

  • Conclusion

There are many small business services out there to help you with customer service. However, you may consider the above three software solutions as some of the best in the market for a small business owner with potential for growth. They all have free trial periods to help you decide which is the option for you.


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