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Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Admin Support Lite

    Every month
    Outsource Non-Core Tasks
    • 2 hours per day basic administrative support (Mon - Friday).
    • 40 hours in total.
    • Monthly service report provided.
    • Assigned account manager.
  • Analyse My Data

    Every month
    Maximize The Value Of Your Data.
    • Determine specific data analysis and reporting goals.
    • Data collection and cleaning.
    • Use statistical & analytical techniques to uncover insights.
    • Data presentation using charts, graphs and reports.
    • Assigned account manager.
  • Manage My Project

    Every month
    Achieve Improved Project Outcomes and Increased Efficiency
    • Project developement research.
    • Plan and strategy creation.
    • Budget assessment and allocation.
    • Resource procument.
    • Project staffing and training.
    • End of project report.
    • Project execution, management and delivery.
    • Assigned account manager.
  • Manage My Admin

    Every month
    Outsource Tasks To Our Administration Management Team
    • Identifying business administrative needs and goals.
    • Plan development based on specific tasks to be managed.
    • Implement administrative plan action on identified tasks .
    • Monitoring and reporting.
    • Task delivery.
    • Assigned account manager.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose your service plan - Browse through CreOps Management's service plans and choose the one that best suits your needs. We offer project management, administration, and data analysis services on an ongoing basis, and multiple service plans can be purchased if you need to hire us for multiple projects concurrently.

Step 2: Collaborate - Collaborate with CreOps Management to discuss your needs and objectives. We'll work together to understand your specific requirements, and provide an overview of our services. We'll make sure that the services you purchase align with your goals and objectives.

Step 3: Customized Plan - After choosing a service plan, CreOps Management will develop a customized plan to meet your specific requirements and begin work on your projects. Provide ongoing support and guidance as needed, keeping you informed of progress and communicating any issues or challenges that arise. We're committed to delivering timely, high-quality work and will do our best to help your business succeed.

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