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How To Start A Business (Series) - Starting a Small Business Online With Little or No Money?

Are you tired of working for someone else? Do you want to start an online business? Are you looking for business opportunities that you can start without money?

If you're reading this blog post then I'm guessing the answer is yes! So, stay tuned as we discuss some of the best business ideas that you can put into action without money.

We all want to start our own business, but most of the time, the hurdle is a lack of start-up capital. The dilemma is that most people are not aware there are a vast amount of business ideas that you can start without an injection of capital. Most of these business ideas allow you to work to work on the project as much or as little as you want, depending on how fast you want to grow your business. So, let's look at some of the best business ideas that you can start without any investment.

5 Ways to Start a Small Business with No Money

1. Become a Blogger

If you are passionate about writing and possess a good level of written English (spelling, grammar and, most importantly proof-reading!) then the best thing you can do is start blogging. Monetized blogging is a popular option when it comes to starting a no-cost business. Choose a niche of your choice, such as food, health, travel, etc, and get your website created. When your website gets ready, start writing content. Once you have published a few articles and your website starts gathering the readers' attention, you can now apply for monetization. Providing you can attract readers you will start making money within a few months and without the requirement of a capital investment!

2. Freelancing

Another business opportunity for individuals is working as a freelancer. A freelancer can master a skill and then sell his services online on various online platforms. There are plenty of skills that you can learn, such as;

  • Graphic Designing

  • Content Writing

  • Translation

  • Data Entry

  • Photography/Videography

  • Video editing

  • E-Commerce

And much more. Once you learn a specialised skill like those listed above, you can sell your services on online freelancing platforms and earn money. Some of the online earning platforms are;





3. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms. A lot of content creators are making money from YouTube. You must master the art of content creation to make money from YouTube.

You will need to make videos on the topics of your choice, edit them, and upload them on YouTube. Depending on the subject matter of your video matters and quality of your content, you will start getting subscribers interested in the content you are producing. Once you reach 1,000 subscribers and hit 4,000 watched hours, you are eligible to monetize your channel. When your channel gets monetized, you can earn money from your channel by running ads. When your channel starts to grow, renowned brands will get in touch with you to get their product promoted. These brand owners pay you in return.

4. Teespring

Teespring is an online platform that allows you to create over 50 kinds of products (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, etc) without any upfront cost or risk. The process is super easy. You have to create designs using their tools and upload them on their platform. Once a buyer likes your product and places the order, the platform handles production and shipping for you. You can choose the selling price for your products. When a product sells, you get the profit. For example, if the shirt's cost is $10 and you are selling at $25, you will earn $15. Once the orders are processed, your payment will be available for withdrawal in the payout section.

5. Airbnb

You can earn money through Airbnb by renting out your home. What you have to do is list your home to millions of travelers around. You don't have to bear any sign-up charges or any membership fee. The platform charges the amount from the guest before his arrival, and you get paid on time when you host. There is no need to handle money directly.

Final Words

Earning money without investment is not difficult. There are plenty of online platforms already available that allow you to monetise your existing or newly acquired skillset without investing a single penny. We hope these ideas were helpful for you and encouraged you to get to work. Explore these opportunities to generate a separate income stream for yourself.


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